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Umps Health Smart Home Kit


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What's included in the Umps Health Smart Home


The Home Hub

The Home Hub manages all of the Smart Plugs and connects over the mobile network using a SIM card, allowing Umps Health to operate without a home internet connection.


5 Umps Health Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs can be installed in less than 5 minutes – simply plug them in between any appliance and the wall socket. We suggest putting these on appliances that are used regularly and every day, like the refrigerator, TV, kettle, microwave and a bedside lamp


Umps Health accounts for the whole family

Your subscription includes accounts for up to 5 nominated contacts allowing the whole family to receive alerts by text message and provide support to an older relative.


Access to the Umps Health App

All nominated contacts can download the Umps Health App, available on Android and iOS. You don’t need the App to receive alerts, but the App will provide you with some more insights into changes in wellbeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Umps Health Smart Home require an internet connection?

No. Umps Health operates using the mobile network, and has its own SIM Card. All connectivity costs are included in your monthly subscription fee.

What happens when I go on holidays?

You can set an away period for your Umps Health Smart Home by calling us, e-mailing us or sending a message. If you forget to set an away period, your Smart Home will let your family know that no appliances have been used in your home. After 2 alerts for a continuous period of inactivity in the home have been sent to nominated contacts, the Umps Health Smart Home will automatically enter Snooze Mode until the next appliance is used in the home.

What appliances should I connect the Umps Health Smart Plugs?

Umps Health has been designed to work on any appliance that plugs into the wall. We suggest placing the Smart Plugs on appliances that are used each day and with a relative degree of regularity, like the kettle, TV, refrigerator, microwave and bedside lamp. We also have people using smart plugs on things like electric toothbrushes, razors, radios and motion-based night lights.

What happens if there is a power outage?

In the event of a power outage, Umps Health will raise an alert to nominated contacts to let them know the Home Hub is offline. Once the power resumes, the Umps Health Smart Home will let nominated contacts know it is online again by text message, and automatically resume operation.

How does Umps Health detect when a refrigerator is opened?

The Umps Health Smart Plugs measure power consumption – and are exceptionally reliable and accurate. This high degree of accuracy allows our analytics platform to isolate small increases in power when the refrigerator light turns on and filter out other things that are happening (like the compressor turning on).

What our customers say

The service that Umps has provided Mum and our family has been invaluable! Umps provides a service which is helpful and reassuring to the family, while preserving the dignity of an elderly person living in their own home. Mum is happy to know that she has the support of the Umps team!

I am 81 years old and live on my own, and sometimes a couple days will lapse before I have a visitor or a phone call. It’s nice to know that if I need help I will get it. I tell all my friends about it. Umps has put my mind at ease.

What is so terrific about Umps Health, is that it doesn’t require any participation from its user. Once the system has been set up in the home (which is very quick), there has been nothing else required from Mum. Umps Health works away out of sight, out of mind 24/7.

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