Umps Health for Families
Supporting seniors to live safely and independently at home

installing the Umps Health plugs

The Umps Health Smart Home

Every Umps Health Smart Home comes with 5 Umps Health Smart Plugs. To install Umps Health, simply plug the Smart Plugs into commonly used appliances.

We typically suggest a kettle, TV, microwave, refrigerator and bedside lamp – but every person is unique. Installation is that easy – and Umps Health doesn’t require an internet connection to operate.

installing the Umps Health plugs

The Umps Health Analytics Platform

Behind every Umps Health Smart Home is a powerful, predictive analytics platform that learns usual daily habits, analyses changes in that behaviour and generates alerts if it detects a decline in health and wellbeing.

Put simply, if something starts to go wrong, we send a text message to a family member or care provider so that can provide support.

installing the Umps Health plugs

The Umps Health mobile app

This step is completely optional – you don’t need to download the Umps Health App. However, if you’d like to view more insights and be able to check a real-time feed of activity in the home for extra peace of mind, the Umps Health App can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.

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