We built our technology to support our family. Now we’ve made it available to support yours.

In 2016, my grandpa was hospitalised for a fall at home. After he returned home, my family and I were surprised to see how much frailer he had become. He wanted to continue living in the home that he’d been in for more than 60 years, and we all wanted to support his independence.

I looked to technology to support him, but found that he already had the industry standard in incident detection. A pendant, worn around the neck that was pressed in the case of an emergency. The problem with this is that we only find out about something after it’s happened. The kicker was that even when my grandpa fell, he wasn’t wearing it.

So, we set out to build something new. Something that didn’t rely on my grandpa to change the way he lived. Something that gave insight into his wellbeing before he fell, but still respected his privacy and dignity. My grandpa was the first person to use our technology, we all call him Umps, and that’s where the name Umps Health comes from.

- Adam Jahnke, Co-founder of Umps Health

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With our non-intrusive, easy to install and passive solution, Umps Health gives older people and their families independence, freedom and peace of mind.