Safety and

Umps Health supports older Australians to live independently with our smart home system that lets their family know they are safe and well.

1 in 3 people over 65 fall over
each year

Falling over is one of the most common causes of hospitalisation among older Australians. The impacts are often severe if help doesn’t arrive quickly.

80% of people don’t wear their
personal alarm

While many older people have a personal alarm or pendant, the fact is that our loved ones don’t wear them at home regularly enough for us to be confident that they are safe.

How our smart home supports
your family's safety

Umps Health uses a smart plug that fits between any appliance and the wall socket to measure things like when a person uses the kettle or turns on and off the TV.

This sends a signal that they're OK.

Predictive analytics detects when something might be going wrong, and then we'll let you know so that you can check in. Learn more about how Umps Health works

How does it work?

Behind every Umps Health Smart Home is a powerful, predictive analytics platform that learns a person’s usual daily habits, analyses changes in that behaviour and generates insights about health and wellbeing.

Simply put, if something starts to go wrong, we send alerts to family members by text message. More information about the cause of the alerts can be viewed by accessing the Umps Health dashboard.

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Ump Health being used at home

What sort of things will
Umps Health detect?

The Umps Health Smart Home learns and adapts to a person’s unique habits, so we only raise an alert when activity indicates something might be going wrong. For example, we’ll let you know if:

  • A person usually turns the TV off and goes to bed around 10pm, but the TV has been left on late into the night.
  • A person usually gets up to have a cup of tea in the morning, but no appliances have been used that morning.
  • A bedside lamp comes on during the night, but then isn’t switched off.
  • The refrigerator is usually opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but a person has only opened the refrigerator once that day. This could indicate a lost of appetite and potential health issues.

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