Umps. Live life on your terms.

Our smart home empowers Australians to live life with independence as they age.

Umps for me.

Umps is about spending as much time doing the things you love in the place you want to do them.

Just plug the Umps Smart Home in and your home will begin to look out for you.

Umps Health customer using the system
Umps Health for my network

Umps for my network.

Umps makes sure you’re always connected to the people in your network – be it friends, family or neighbours.

If something goes wrong at home, we’ll get in contact with the people you want us to.

What is Umps?

Umps Health smart home kit

Umps is a smart home designed to support people’s independence in their own homes.

Each kit comes with 5 Smart Plugs and an Umps Hub.

Each Smart Plug fits between an appliance and the wall, like the kettle, TV, microwave and refrigerator and turns them into smart appliances.

Umps Health smart home kit
Umps Health smart home kit

For the first 30 days, Umps gets to know you. Each of these plugs is now learning how you typically use your appliances in the home.

After Umps has gotten to know you, it’s ready to get to work. If Umps detects something has happened to you, we’ll try to get in touch with you. If we can't, we'll get in touch with the people you nominate so they can check in.

Umps Health smart home kit

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