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Umps Health supports older Australians to live independently with our smart home system that lets their family know they are safe and well.

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1 in 3 people over 65 fall over
each year

Falling over is one of the most common causes of hospitalisation among older Australians. The impacts are often severe if help doesn’t arrive quickly.

80% of people don’t wear their
personal alarm

While many older people have a personal alarm or pendant, the fact is that our loved ones don’t wear them at home regularly enough for us to be confident that they are safe.

How our smart home supports
your family's safety

Umps Health uses a smart plug that fits between any appliance and the wall socket to measure things like when a person uses the kettle or turns on and off the TV.

This sends a signal that they're OK.

Predictive analytics detects when something might be going wrong, and then we'll let you know so that you can check in. Learn more

We’ve built a solution that supports older family members to live independently


Your loved ones get to live more comfortably, and you get the peace-of-mind knowing that you will be notified when you need to be.

Simple and adaptable

Our smart home works with a person’s existing habits and behaviour, and doesn’t rely on them to wear a pendant or press a button. We support people’s privacy and don’t use motion sensors or cameras.

Ump Health being used at home

If you’d like to support your loved one in living independently and are interested in hearing if Umps Health is right for you, then we would love to talk. Call 1300 907 272.

Talk with a real person

It’s important to find the right solution to support your loved one’s safety at home. That’s why we’re available 8am – 7pm everyday.

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