Umps Health

Works with your existing habits

Umps Health’s smart plugs fit between any appliance and the wall socket, which allow us to build up a picture of usual patterns of behaviour, like when the kettle is used, how frequently the refrigerator is opened and how often the TV is turned on.

Our focus is on prediction

Our analytics platform identifies subtle abnormalities that can act as predictors of chronic diseases, infections or falls. If something is unusual, we send you or your nominated contact a text message.

Completely non-intrusive, with an emphasis on preserving your privacy

Umps Health only collects the minimum data we need to measure your wellbeing. We don’t use intrusive motion sensors and cameras, and the data we collect will only be provided to people with your consent.

Our Partners & Supporters

Foundation for Young Australians
University of Melbourne
Carers Australia
The Australian Centre for Social Innovation
Melbourne Accelerator Program
Equity Trustees

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With our non-intrusive, easy to install and passive solution, Umps Health gives older people and their families independence, freedom and peace of mind.