Supporting seniors to live safely at home

Our smart home devices support seniors by letting family know if something goes wrong.

1 in 3 people over 65 fall each year

Falling is one of the most common causes of hospitalisation among older Australians.
Impacts are often severe if help doesn’t arrive quickly.

80% of people don’t wear their personal alarm

While many older people have a personal alarm or pendant, the fact is that our loved ones don’t wear them at home regularly enough for us to be confident that they are safe.

How Umps Health works

installing the Umps Health plugs

1. Connect the smart plugs

The Umps Health Smart Plugs fit between any appliance and the wall to measure interactions with the home, like when someone boils the kettle, opens the fridge, or turns on the TV.

2. Umps Health is personalised to work for the user

For the first 30 days, the Umps Health Smart Home is in Learning Mode.

This gives it a chance to get to know your unique routines about the home.

Umps Health customer using the

3. Always be digitally present with your loved one

Umps Health provides family with peace of mind, allowing them to view activity in the home in real time.

This means that family carers can check-in on a loved one even while on holidays, at work or when you can’t reach them on the phone.

4. Detecting when things go wrong

After the Umps Health system gets to know you, it will begin looking for changes that indicate and predict declines in health and wellbeing.

If something does go wrong, we'll get in contact with a family or carer so they can send support.

Umps Health customer using the

What’s different about Umps Health?

We’ve built our technology hand-in-hand with older people, and are proud to say that it’s the simplest, most non-intrusive way to support safety and independence at home.

You don’t need to wear a pendant or press a button for Umps Health to operate. The Smart Home works completely in the background.

The system can be installed in 10 minutes by anyone. Simply plug the Umps Health Smart Plugs in, and register your Smart Home by following the prompts.

We don’t use motion sensors or cameras, and we only contact your family when we think that something might have gone wrong.

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